June 24, 2012
by Antonia leslie

Finding your self in Cambridge and wondering what to do? Well try visiting Jesus College when all the students have gone for the long summer holiday. You cannot miss it, just look for a huge metal dinosaur on the lawn. For a while wondering through the extremely beautiful grounds you can imagine yourself being an undergraduate, overtired and on the third night of the May ball celebrations. There is nobody left here in June and all the way till the end of September. You can wonder unimpeded through cloisters and courts, gardens and cricket grounds and walk on lawns of such evenness and stripes that they make your heart sing. The entrance is already such fun and could not be more of what you expect from a Cambridge college.
You walk up the empty "Chimneys" (a paved lane entrance), so called because of the hexagonal brick chimneys sitting above the arched entrance. Then you pass the masters' lodge, a tiny one bedroomed flat with patio, NOT at all but a very large house looking out on a seemingly endless lawn with a frame of dark trees. Keep going past the porter's lodge and onto first court where you will see the beginning of a permanent collection of sculptures.
Since the 1980's the college has been holding sculpture exhibitions every other year and has kept some, but I am sure that they asked. There on the middle of the lawn (that word again) is Barry Flanagan's plump and proud horse.

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